IMG_3435ccLSoftWVcr5x10In-foal thoroughbred partnership 2014

This is not your typical racehorse partnership,  Its focus is not on the racing end of the industry, but on the breading and foaling business – where it all begins.  This is a unique chance to experience the making of a winner from a breeder’s perspective.


The partnership enables you to enjoy the wonderful experience of owning a horse while leaving the day to day management and work to our professionals.   This opportunity lowers your financial risk associated with owning a horse and makes it affordable for anyone to enjoy.  There are two foals from distinguished mares available for 2014.


Each share, consisting of 5% can be purchased by an individual or a group of friends who want to learn the making of a racehorse from the beginning.  Even an experienced horse person will learn so much that they will never look at a thoroughbred the same way again.  The best way to learn the business is hands-on, so you are encouraged to visit and participate as often as you like.  Socialize and imprint with your new foal.  Keep a diary and photos as your foal develops and follow his race horse career.  You are the owner of a prospective winner.


Interested parties should visit our open houseMarch 1, 2014 @ 1:00pm


Chasin A Dream is managed by Chris Weiss, who has been breeding thoroughbreds for more than a decade.  Her knowledge coupled with her passion for the industry has earned her recognition in the race horse business.  Chasin a Dream consigns thoroughbreds for clients as well as horses bred on the farm.  The Ocala Breeders Sales Company, located on Airport Road in Ocala is the perfect venue.  The sales occur 6 times a year.